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life is fucking nuts, isn't it?

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If I added you out of nowhere, was it really out of nowhere? Or am I just being really confusing in my changing of my handle. I'm psuedo_catalyst in LJ and twitter, yes, I know it's misspelled, hence the being confusing.

I try to write, but I mostly just watch and read things and then emote about it, I like new friends and old friends and silly things and things that make me cry. I lock most personal posts, but everything else is free and liberated as birds that aren't in cages.

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against me, and am v. into the swordspoint books, any and all x-men movies, anything z berg chooses to be associated with, bad rabbits, bishop allen, but it was love at first sight), community, doodling, empires, first aid kit, gogol bordello, going places and seeing people, grey's anatomy, i read a lot of poetry, laura stevenson and the cans, love e.m. forster madly, movie and music criticism, panic at the disco, patsy cline, please somebody stop me now, read everything is illuminated way too often, screenplays, shameless (us), stars, the academy is..., the hold steady, the like, the magnetic fields, the newsroom, the o.c., the spring standards, the young veins, trampled by turtles, various and sundry musicals, various artsy-crafty endeavors, verdigrls (as of last night, writing
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