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I probably should have gotten an account here long ago, people have been telling me to for ages, but I guess it took one last time when LJ was down when I wanted it before I got over my dislike of creating accounts (which i think may be related to my dislike of filling out applications) and did it. So, here I am!

(I have not linked the two accounts, because LJ IS DOWN AGAIN, but this is psuedo_catalyst. I went with a new name instead of perpetuating the misspelling. If we have ever met off of the internet, I have probably told you why at great length)

I was all set to do a real update of an entry on LJ, but I've kind of lost the motivation, so this is sort of a placeholder/introduction. If we are friends elsewhere, please be friends with me here! Or even if we are not, I love new friends!

Oh, one thing I was going to say, in the real post I was going to write which may never exist--I have gotten really into Welcome To Night Vale lately! If you have, too, let me know! We should talk about it! If you have not, maybe you should. It is--really hard to describe. The best I've got is that it's like Seth Meyers-on-SNL and Stefon met in a version of Pawnee, Indiana populated entirely by the Addams family. Am I close?

Anyway, hello!


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