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I've been trying to write a post for about a week now--it clearly has not been working.

Some things have happened, both trivial and important. For instance, I am not doing great in school just now, can see myself not doing the things I need to be doing, and can't seem to make myself stop. I'm also watching an awful lot of Never Mind The Buzzcocks and also that massive fucking BBC giant-ass quiz show (that's the official name, right?) on youtube. These facts may or may not be related, I'll leave it up to the audience to read between the lines.

On the negative side, it's encouraging procrastination in a world (mine) already rife with it. On the positive, Noel Fielding is encouraging me not to feel shy about going a little bolder in my fashion choices.

I feel kind of like a regency-era country squire today. Well, except for the jeans. )

Is there any reason I should not be currently channeling my love and enthusiasm into Noel Fielding right now? Sometimes that happens, I find someone who I think is great, and I spend, like, a week watching every interview they have ever given on youtube, totally oblivious, until someone lets me in on something really awful and heinous they've done or said, and I regret thinking they were so great.

ETA: Apparently he's been pretty awful on twitter? Disappointing. :(

A not so cool incident with my mom happened the other night, and I'm still feeling a little shaken up about it, so it's been nice to have someone interesting and odd to watch videos of on the internet till all hours of the night. He reminds me a bit of Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal in interviews.

In conclusion, I'm thinking of being mouse-cat for Halloween. A nice, low stress costume that I can weird most people out by not explaining at all, and just being totally deadpan about the whole thing.

(I'm going to try to do a post with a bit more substance later on, but for right now, this is what I've got.)


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