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Basically, I keep telling myself I can't post anything here until I write up a post listing every fic I've put up on Ao3 since the last time I crossposted here in, I think, mid-July, which is actually kind of a lot? Idk, guys. Being unemployed and directionless was actually pretty great for the creative juices for a while.

All of that is over now, though--both the unemployment and the creativity. I'll do that list soon, and I'll talk about stuff, like the coffee shop I'll be working at and the fancy-shmancy internship I'm doing and the fabulous apartment just outside Boston I'll be living in (cross your finger) wicked soon with a super awesome roommate.

Rn, though, I'm really not up for much more than talking about Yuletide for a few--I just submitted my noms. One of them is Poldark, the original tv series, which my mom and I just watched again, and which I'm determined to find some fans of before the Aiden Turner-starring remake comes out this winter or spring (I am incredibly excited about the remake, but I know that after it comes out, it will prob be impossible to talk about the old one without talking about the new one). I submitted character tags for Demelza because, like, duh, she's the best, and Francis because he's bizarrely endearing and I am so interested in his relationship with Ross, and Ross himself because I'd be interested in looking closer at him in conjunction with either Francis or Demelza (or Verity, but I didn't have enough tags left to include her :(), and then I did Jinny Carter becuase she is totally my favorite now and forever.

I also did Fresh Meat, which I would love to read more fic of, especially if it's about Vod and Oregon being in love, and Hanna because I still want a happy ending for Hanna and Sophie (and also an Avengers crossover where Natasha and Hanna bond, but let's not ask for the moon, yes?), and I'm actually going to get it together to sign up for yuletide this year instead of just writing treats, I swear, and I am genuinely kind of extremely excited about it?

So hi guys! Hope you're all doing well! <3
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I never know how to start these things, and am currently even more self-conscious than usual about it, because I have been taking this literacy studies class, because apparently I decided I really needed another reason to be twitchy about my writing. That, or it was a required course to graduate. One of those.

I am doing some things that feel pretty significant right now. One of those is applying for jobs, the non-service industry kind of jobs that actually give a shit about my degree. The other is starting a draft of a fic for wave three of Bandom Big Bang.

I am going to say that I am being pretty successful in both of those things, and here are the reasons why: I am operating under the entirely non-logic-based assumption that whether or not I get hired is largely to do with how many places I apply, rather than how qualified I am or am not for any of the positions I apply for. Quantity, not quality, people. The more places that reject me, the more likely it becomes that the next place I apply to will hire me, right? This is a comforting way of thinking mostly because, as it transpires, I am not actually qualified for much of anything, except for possibly writing for alumni magazines.

I have also taken to cutting myself off from sending out applications at the point where my cover letters start to get too effusive and over-enthusiastic, because I do not actually want to frighten people.

I'm also, this one in the realm of BBB, counting my endeavors a success because I'm not trying to force myself to deal with a plot-plot, what I'm writing is much like what I always write--characters having feelings, and conversations about those feelings, and not much else. I won't hold it against any of you if that doesn't sound particularly enticing to read. I'm having fun.

(I will probably try to come up with a more dynamic summary to post for BBB, though)

([personal profile] zeenell seems to be of the opinion that it's cool that I'm basically planning on writing 10k of gen domesticity fic. This is why people have friends, right? So they can be reassured about their bad ideas?)

Anyway. Hi there, whoever's reading. I hope everything is going well. <3
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Hi guys. Long time no type.

I think I have been a little bit sadder than I knew this winter, but that's okay, because the reason I know now is that it's starting to be spring and I feel like I'm thawing too, so, you know, that's cool.

It looks like I'm actually going to graduate in a couple of months, so there's that, too. Five years isn't that long, especially compared to a lot of people I meet these days, but it's felt like a little bit of a schlep, three schools in five years, and honestly, there were moments when I wasn't sure I was going to get to this moment, where I feel like I can say that, so that's kind of significant.

I don't know exactly what I'm going to do next, but I think the first step is to move to a different town (probably Boston) and locate some form of gainful employment. After that, we'll see.

(My adviser said to me, the other day, "And soon, we should start talking about grad school," and I had this visceral um, no reaction. I'm not saying never, there are still plenty of things I want to learn, some of them even in an academic setting, but right now I am so tired. Even talking about thinking about applying gave me a stress rash.)

I've been listening to a lot of Roxy Music and Welcome to Night Vale, I'm reading Stevie Smith, I wrote this fic for no_tags: once, twice, three times a lady (z/tennessee), and the only part of bandom I feel particularly invested in at the moment is Z Berg's instagram and tumblr presence--she just continues to delight me. I don't know, maybe I'll get back into other parts soon. We'll see.

I've been watching some BBC shows--I highly recommend Fresh Meat. The first couple of episodes are pretty rocky, but I think it's episode five where something just clicks, I love it.

How are you guys? Hope everything's good. <3
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So fandom snowflake pretty much went out the window when classes started up again.

I'm taking a poetry workshop class--the advanced poetry workshop class at this school, which means my classmates all had to take two previous ones before getting to this one, which means I am at a loss to explain how I seem to be the most critical person in it.

I'm not actually that critical a person, I don't think (if I've ever beta-ed for you, you know that--I mostly just like to bounce up and down and talk about how things are great), but I don't see the point of a workshop that's just a mutual ego-stroking. If you think your work is perfect, or that you have nothing to learn from hearing other perspectives, why take a workshop at all? But they all seem afraid to make any comments at all because "Everybody is developing their own voice." Which is true, to a point, but ultimately not at all the issue, you know?

So we'll see how that goes. I got into a fight with this entitled jerk my first day that culminated in him telling me that I was punishing every writer who took their education seriously, which was, um, interesting. I asked him, "How am I punishing anyone by having opinions about my own education?" which shut him up pretty fucking fast. Idk, man. I'll be super glad to graduate, when that finally happens.

I have watched and have lots of feelings about both Orphan Black and Inside Llewyn Davis (which has a soundtrack to die for) so if you ever want to chat about either of those, you know where to find me. Some tumblr-er has compiled a Ryan Ross/Dan Keyes manifesto here, and while I think this person and I might disagree fundementally about what some of the dynamics of that relationship would look like, based on their commentary, there's some really delightful, squee-worthy stuff in there that I had never seen before.

Anyway, things are good-but-busy here, hope everything's great with you all, I'll try to get into a better rhythm of being in touch around here soon! <3
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it's raining here, but that's not why. I'm just so tired. My life is pretty well sorted out just now (which, for those of you playing along at home, is ALMOST NEVER TRUE, so I am writing it down as proof that it happens sometimes)--I cleaned the apartment, arranged advising for my thesis for my minor, and made a pretty spectacular dinner for old-roommate!bff, who came up for the night, if I do say so myself. I also got to work on-time and mostly succeeded at keeping at least a two-foot distance between me and creepy!boss. So I feel pretty accomplished, but also tired as fuck. Classes start the day after tomorrow and I feel utterly unready, and then I feel whiny for feeling so unready, which is no fun.

Plus, I think I'm getting anemic again. Which is probably why I'm so tired. I need to get on that shit, but I thought I was being so good.

So the snowflake challenge will have to wait another day, is my point. Time to wind this one down, kids. Just checking in to say hey.

I've had this song in my head a lot, lately:

(head out west, stake that claim, and forget everybody else's name)
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Hi guys! My plan to be good at keeping up with my journal now that I have a DW is going sort of questionably, but alright, I think.

Everything's decent here--I gave notice at the car wash of doom, so now work is all about counting down the days, which is a nice change. This coming Sunday I'd going to go see Laura Jane Grace play, the first time I've seen her as the headliner, and something I've wanted since, like, high school, so I'm wicked bouncing-up-and-down-excited about that. roommate's cat is still evil hellspawn, but what can you do? He gave me one particularly nasty gash which wraps all the way around my forearm, and now my mom is all concerned about infections from his claws and shit.

Anyway, after my last day as a water waster extraordinaire in service of this country's EXTREME automobile fetishization, I'm headed west for a week and a half--see my dad, get to know the teeny tiny half-sib, get some quality time with little sis. It should be good, right? A girl can dream, anyway.

So I've been doing some things, internet! I wrote a KStew/Dakota Fanning ficlet for a fic fest here that I kind of want to clean up and expand, because apparently I have a lot more Kristen Stewart feels than I knew. I also made up a book rec list for tumblr--books featuring a queer protagonist whose storyline does not center around their queerness.

I also revamped my tumblr--now with my own face for an icon! It's very exciting. Or something.

This is a happy, positive post, so let's not talk about mess of my lack of medical records is making of my next year, due to the hold on my university account. Instead, let's do that meme I'm grabbing from [personal profile] eledhwenlin:

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in comments. (examples: "Five Dates Roy Mustang Regretted Going On," or "Five Fannish Gatherings that Sally Draper Attended"). I'll answer with a list of five things.

fandoms: bandom, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Swordspoint, various and sundry RPF, The Newsroom, and I'd try Torchwood, Psmith, maybe X-men, Friday Night Lights, idk, whatever else.
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I may be butchering Elizabeth Bishop, there--I'm in that mood where it doesn't seem worth it to dig the book off the bookshelf (according to the magic of google, I'm right, but it feels like I don't deserve to be, after cheating instead of checking for real), that mood where I'm not even deleting the old emails from my inbox, even the spammy ones I'm never going to read, just letting them pile up.

(Oh, by the way, this should be my FIRST CROSSPOSTED ENTRY on my LJ and DW both! Let's hope it works!)

Everything at work broke today--I work at a car wash, and the car wash broke, so I think it would be accurate to just say that my work broke, and I was the only one there, and my boss is on vacation, no one answered their phones and cabs were angry at me--I may be cultivating a nemesis-ship with various of the cabbies who frequent my work. Also the fussy drivers of white cars.

My mom is still phoneless and unreachable, which is worrying enough to me that I keep being tempted to offer to help. I won't, because I did with the car thing last week, and I am making rules and drawing lines for myself, and I am saving money for a reason, it is not selfish decadence, I need to go back to school next year so I can FINISH and then BE DONE FOREVER, or at least until I break down and admit that there is a significant part of me that wants to go to grad school. It can wait.

Anyway, I'm staying in tonight, because I had tentative plans with some people from the paper, but the tentative plans turned into them deciding to go to the restaurant that I don't go to because in its former life it was the gas station where my mom got hurt, and it feels like bad luck, for me, going there.

Moral of the story: I intend to spend tonight hiding out in my room, away from my roommate's houseguest who DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF SILENCE, and barely seems to stop for breath, and is staying till Saturday, so I thought I might do an old comment!fic-ey meme? It's been a while, but I'm a little writer's block-ed, and it should be fun. I thought maybe this one:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you several sentences from that story.

fandoms are the usual stuff, I guess: bandom, Swordspoint, Secret Garden/Lost Prince/Little Princess (Frances Hodgson Burnett is totally becoming a fandom of her own, in my head), JoBros (because JONADS BABYYYYYY, right?), Shameless (US), The Newsroom (though I haven't seen the newest one yet), The Social Network, and I guess I could give Psmith a shot? And I'm pretty much willing to try anything else I've been vocally into.

Oh, and, um, I guess I need an icon for this (the DW) account, so, anyone know of anyone making good ones they're offering for other people to use? I wouldn't even know where to look, on this site, and I am notoriously horrible with graphics.


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