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I'm in exactly the wrong mood to either find or follow an end-of-the-year-meme template, so I'm just going to make shit up, cool? Cool.

So. 2013.

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I was going to add a section about my personal life, family, non-fannish friends, all that jazz, but the holidays sort of make me bitter, and a lot of that is in flux right now, anyway, so I think I'll save it for another day.

I will say this: it hits me, some days, how rock-solid-secure and how lucky I feel financially. I work hard, and I've had some good breaks, and I've stopped trying to get an education that's out of my income bracket, and all of the sudden it's like I can breathe, I feel the kind of calm about my finances and my place in this society that I could only wish for as a kid, and I'm so happy I feel guilty with it sometimes.

And I'm still furious that this kind of lack of low-grade, constant worry is still seen as a luxury not everyone deserves in this country.

(Yeah, that's where my mind goes when I start reflecting on my life. Sorry, guys.)

Goals for the coming year

Graduate in the spring (it really looks possible!), get insured, or at least acquire an epi-pen which isn't expired. Do bandom big bang. Stay happy.

Happy New Year's, guys! <3 Thank you all for being in my life, it's been a lot better of a year with you in it than it would have been otherwise.


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