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it's raining here, but that's not why. I'm just so tired. My life is pretty well sorted out just now (which, for those of you playing along at home, is ALMOST NEVER TRUE, so I am writing it down as proof that it happens sometimes)--I cleaned the apartment, arranged advising for my thesis for my minor, and made a pretty spectacular dinner for old-roommate!bff, who came up for the night, if I do say so myself. I also got to work on-time and mostly succeeded at keeping at least a two-foot distance between me and creepy!boss. So I feel pretty accomplished, but also tired as fuck. Classes start the day after tomorrow and I feel utterly unready, and then I feel whiny for feeling so unready, which is no fun.

Plus, I think I'm getting anemic again. Which is probably why I'm so tired. I need to get on that shit, but I thought I was being so good.

So the snowflake challenge will have to wait another day, is my point. Time to wind this one down, kids. Just checking in to say hey.

I've had this song in my head a lot, lately:

(head out west, stake that claim, and forget everybody else's name)
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I meant to make this post last night, but then my roommate decided to say something that kind of fucked with my head, and I freaked out a little, so nothing really happened after that. This was originally conceived as a happy-things post, though, so let's start there.

Ryan Ross has posted two more songs! They're here, and they're kind of gorgeous? I mean, I've always been intrigued by Ryan's lyrics, but it feels like he's found his voice musically now, too--you can still hear his influences, but they're combined in really interesting ways. Plus, these feel really heartfelt, and basically I'm super excited to see what else he's got in store for us. <3

I couldn't resist writing a little ficlet after hearing Lonely Moonlight, because, well, you've heard it right? then you must understand. It's here:a younger heart, because I totally wouldn't put it past Ryan Ross to write lyrics that are meant to be read as metaphorical, but are totally literally true.

I haven't signed up for any holiday exchanges this year, which I feel kind of awful about, because I've just been getting into the swing of those these past few years, but I was having so much trouble finding the time to sign up for them, I could only imagine trying to find the time to write the things would have been a nightmare. I'm doing my senior seminar this semester, since I'm (theoretically) graduating in the spring, and between that and the news-editing-the-college-paper thing, I'm doing a lot of writing all on my own, these days, and it's just the wrong year.

It's Halloween tomorrow, which means The Holiday Season is now upon us. It's inescapable. I hate the holidays, in the way where now and then the days themselves are quite nice, but there's such a pressure about making them nice, and seeing people, and having people to see, and getting things done, it all stresses me out. Halloween may even be the worst of all.

I'm being Mouse Cat tomorrow, like I said in my gushy-about-Noel-Fielding post a few weeks back, largely because I get to wear a really comfy hat and a little face paint and that is it. I've been told I seem like the type to get really into Halloween costumes, but while I do like to dress up all the time in day to day life, I don't like people or holidays telling me what to do.

I have been going back and forth over whether I want to offer more Ryan-Ross-related prompts, because I'm definitely in a Ryan-Ross-flavored mood lately, but I'm not sure the demand is there? In any case, I'll totally write more ficlets, the last batch was lots of fun.


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