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...was a thing that happened.

thanksgiving: a brief overview )

I also saw Catching Fire recently, and it was kind of amazing and gorgeous and heart-wrenching, ad I really don't love that it's going to be Mockingjay next, this movie, like the book, was such a great follow up to the first, and I fear the Mockigjay movie can't help but be a let-down the way the book was.

Roommate-cousin agrees with me that the worst thing the movie has done so far is not do Peeta justice, because I adore that boy as a character, but there were moments, especially at the beginning of the Catching Fire movie, where they flirted with making him the Nice-Guy-spurned, and while they didn't eventually go with it, there was still something a little disappointing to me about him, not sure why, exactly.

Jenna Malone is, as always, my queen, my favorite, totally equal to any character she's cast as, despite the fact that they're all dizzyingly different.

I love the way the movie have the chance for so much scope of political implications that a first-person narrative doesn't allow for, but one thing I'm not jazzed about is the way the POV shift seems like, in a few scenes, it's mitigating some of the impact of the horror that's going on, you know? description of a scene, cut for spoilers )

Anyway, I hope you all have been having a good everything--good holidays, good not-holidays, what have you. And if any of you are grinches like me, just one month till all the stress is over!


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