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Hi guys! How have you been?

I have been wicked multi-fannish, myself, and also weirdly prolific, at least by my standards.

quick writing recap:

For one thing, it was no_tags, so I wrote Hot Tom and the maybe-date, which, yes, is a very silly name, but it is a fic about Empires in which Sean is a hipster baker, so I felt a little silliness was justified.

Then [personal profile] octette guessed which one was mine, so I offered to write her a ficlet and she wanted one about Ryan Ross, which, you know, is totally something I can do, so I wrote Let's begin at the beginning (we're lovers and we're losers), which is chock-full of a lot of things I've been thinking about but haven't known how to fit into an actual, story-shaped story.

I've also been writing ficlets for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., here, here and here about Fitz and Simmons, and there's something really satisfying about writing for a big fandom now and then, since they're easily the most popular thing I've ever written. I love my older fandoms and crack pairings as much as I ever did, but this has been fun, too. Here's hoping future episodes will have lots of those two characters being awesome.

[personal profile] octette mentioned, the other day, that it'd be cool to have a 'revisiting old fandoms' fic fest, and I've got to say, I'm really in the right mood for something like that. I've got three main WiPs in working on right now, and while one is bandom (a really fun idea, I'm pretty enamored), the other two are for Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter respectively.

I'm in major throwback mode, is the point. Also, if anyone wants to talk about either of those, I'm feeling pretty chatty.

I'm not sure if this productivity is going to keep up after this weekend ends--we've got an issue of my college paper (where I'm now the news editor, how the fuck did that happen?) next week, and after that I'm planning a trip down to see all my Boston people, but I hope so. I'm going to try, anyway.

How are you guys all doing? What are you up to? It occurs to me, looking back over that list, that I write a lot of gen fic. Idk what that says about me. Anyway, hoping things are good, xo


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