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Remember that the deadline is October 1st. As long as it's October 1st somewhere in the world, you are still a-ok.

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This was a great week for reading, even if not everything I read was that great. But a lot of it was!

What I Just Finished Reading

The Immortal Descendants, Books 1-3 by April White. I feel bad giving only two stars, since this series did provide hours of entertainment, but, yeah, two stars.

Time's Child, by Rebecca Ore. Oh, this could have been so good. The premise was a killer - hearty peasant stock (with a few broad-minded intellectuals thrown in) brought through via time travel to rebuild society following a devastating worldwide plague. The political and social worldbuilding - city states, warring future factions sneakily making the time-travel possible - was really thought provoking. Alas, the narrative was absolutely flat, and the characterization of the time travelers was ridiculous. The whole read more like a clean first-draft of a novel, rather than a finished work. So disappointing.

Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett. Hilarious, and a perfect palate-cleanser after the two previous!

Taste of Marrow, by Sarah Gailey, the sequel to River of Teeth, which I LOVED. At first I thought, "Where are the feral hippos? This is reading like a soap opera." But eventually the hippos showed, and YES. (Also, I never expected to see a case of mastitis as a significant plot detail, so yay for that! Also, ouch. I really felt for Adelia. )

What I Am Currently Reading

Golden Age and Other Stories, by Naomi Novik. This is a very slender book - 177 pages - and illustrated with assorted bits of fanart, some of which inspired the stories herein. They are Temeraire-verse stories ("Now that I'm writing other stuff, let's clear all this dragon stuff off the hard drive. I'm sure somebody will buy it.") but so far, I'm not delighted. *sad*

Dreaming Death, by J. Kathleen Cheney. Secondary-world sort of police-procedural fantasy, very engaging, intriguing characters!

What I Am Reading Next

Not sure! I bought a copy of Good Omens, and won a copy of Reincarnation Blues at our local bookstore, and have a load of things on hold at the library, so I am pretty spoiled for choices right now.

Question of the Day: Weather, weather, weather - how's yours today?

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Sep. 8th, 2017 08:00 pm
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I came home and found out Don Williams died today. He was probably my father's favorite artist (tied with Charlie Pride), and hearing that made me start crying like I'm mourning my dad all over again. It seems ridiculous because it's been almost 17 years, but brains are dumb.

Anyway, here is my dad's favorite song: Amanda. And his favorite from Charlie Pride for good measure: thorns of life


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