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In your own space, talk about a creator. Show us why you think they are amazing.

Playing the catchup game again, but this one is extra fun, because I love talking about my friends and all of the ways that they're great. I'm going to talk about [personal profile] la_dissonance, partially because she's on my mind since we hung out the other day, but mostly just because she's awesome :)

Probably most people who read Empires fic already know her work, because she's the one who wrote that great X-Men crossover for big bang a few years ago, and since she writes a lot of Empires, maybe that means I should be reccing someone else, but the thing is, [personal profile] la_dissonance is one of those writers I'd recommend even to people who are entirely uninvolved in any of the same fandoms, because as much as fandom is about loving the same things as other people, I think it's just as much if not more about telling stories, and she tells really great stories.

She doesn't shy away from gen fic, which I love--pairing fic is great, but I tend more towards obsessing over a specific person than an OTP, and I love really solid gen fic. She's also always writing something I'm not expecting, the kind of thing where you don't even know you want the story to exist until you're reading it. The moral of the story is that if you have ever had even a passing interest in bandom, or are into reading stories that are awesome whether they're your fandom or not, you should probably check her out.

AO3 account here
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so, clearly, my good intentions about the [community profile] snowflake_challenge lasted all of one day, but to be fair, I spent a few days out on the island, where I have no internet, and also, day two (rec three challenges, sites or communities) is really hard. I don't really do much in communities, and it has been a really bad year for me and challenges, I think [community profile] no_tags is the only one I've done since last year's holiday challenges.

So! Instead of sitting around putting too much thought into it, I'm going to skip to day 3!

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser-known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom who maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

British comedian RPF is like Canadian webcomic artists in that it is kind of a niche, not of people who enjoy their work, but of people who actively spend time thinking a writing about their romantic and sex lives on the internet. Unlike Canadian webcomic artists, people actually write it.

Because I just watched the Big Fat Quiz of 2013 last night (yeahhhhh, we know how to party), here is the story I came across when i most wanted to pinch Jack Whitehall's cheeks (this happened a lot, tbh): two thousand lightyears from home. It's got a really great Jack Whitehall voice, fun banter, refers nicely to the most recent Big Fat Quiz, and has left me with the desire to start watching A League of Their Own. A+, will probably read again.

Quite a Gentle Way is basically a story where after a Never Mind The Buzzcocks episode, Noel Fielding and David O'Doherty have sex. It's not particularly sexy sex, which I think was the point, but it's totally what I picture the inside of Noel Fielding's head looking like, which is, according to me, even better.

My last rec was supposed to be a funny one, because what is the point of reccing comedian RPF when none of it is exactly laugh-out-loud funny? These are all more odd, off-kilter, thoughtful-funny. I couldn't resist this one, though--Ordinary is beautiful. It's tagged Noel Fielding/Julian Barratt, but it feels more like a character study where the character is a really ambiguous relationship, if that makes any sense. I'd try to say more things about it, but I think it speaks pretty well for itself. The first line: This is the thing about Julian. He's normal. He's a normal bloke - that's his thing. The only abnormal thing about him stands about 5'9 in high heeled silver boots and clings to his arm in public while cackling loudly about ponchos.

More snowflake catchup to come soon, I'm sure! <3
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First of all, or I will forget, I swear the three yuletide treats I wrote:

carcinogenic, which is a The Place Beyond The Pines future fic, and my longest treat of the year, clocking in at just over 4k, because I am apparently all about the brevity these days? A.J./Jason

night is young, and Empires/Happy Endings crossover for [personal profile] fifteendozentimes because we've talked about what an awesome combination that would be, and I couldn't resist. I tried to do something kind of tonally similar to the energy of the show, and I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out. I'd kind of like to try writing a bit more in this universe, so we'll see.

alike in dignity, a Slings and Arrows ficlet, gen about Geoffrey and Darren being frenemies.

Also, I sort of decided, spur-of-the-moment, to do the [community profile] snowflake_challenge for January. First day is:

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Growing Pains is a character study of Jessica Campion from the Swordspoint books. It's a few years old, and definitely one of those things I might write differently if I was doing it now, but it means a lot to me because it was the first thing I ever wrote where I got caught up in it the way I do when I'm reading--I was excited to get back to it when I got home, I couldn't wait to work on it next, and, I think most importantly, I felt like would rather be writing it than reading anything anyone else had written at that moment.

I still love Jessica, I think she's a tragically under-used character in the series, and one of these days, I'm going to get back to writing something serious about her. My personal favorite line from it: She’s also got the wind on her face and the sun at her back and a little splinter of guilt in her heart where the family that raised her used to be.

Things Fall Apart Butcher/Sisky post-split fic that totally shows my love of characters behaving badly, figuring things out, and growing up. My Edmund Pevensie love showing, essentially. Also, it wouldn't be a bandom story by me if it didn't include talking on the phone and cats (except for my The Like fic, for some reason, which has stayed relatively phone-calls-and-cats-free).

and finally, Lift up the receiver, I'll make you a believer, my girl!Mike Carden/Laura Stevenson post-TAI-split fic. Which sounds really obscure, but it's essentially gen fic about girl!Carden figuring out life after The Academy Is..., part of which happens while she is conducting a long distance relationship with a cute girl. It is locked to AO3 users, because Laura Stevenson is not that famous, and also I am one of two people who has written fic about her on AO3, and I am nervous she will find it (if she finds it when it's locked because she has an account, on the other hand, that might be kind of cool).
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I'm in exactly the wrong mood to either find or follow an end-of-the-year-meme template, so I'm just going to make shit up, cool? Cool.

So. 2013.

in fandom )

I was going to add a section about my personal life, family, non-fannish friends, all that jazz, but the holidays sort of make me bitter, and a lot of that is in flux right now, anyway, so I think I'll save it for another day.

I will say this: it hits me, some days, how rock-solid-secure and how lucky I feel financially. I work hard, and I've had some good breaks, and I've stopped trying to get an education that's out of my income bracket, and all of the sudden it's like I can breathe, I feel the kind of calm about my finances and my place in this society that I could only wish for as a kid, and I'm so happy I feel guilty with it sometimes.

And I'm still furious that this kind of lack of low-grade, constant worry is still seen as a luxury not everyone deserves in this country.

(Yeah, that's where my mind goes when I start reflecting on my life. Sorry, guys.)

Goals for the coming year

Graduate in the spring (it really looks possible!), get insured, or at least acquire an epi-pen which isn't expired. Do bandom big bang. Stay happy.

Happy New Year's, guys! <3 Thank you all for being in my life, it's been a lot better of a year with you in it than it would have been otherwise.
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I wrote another Ryan&Spencer ficlet. Are you shocked? Tell me you're shocked.

wander through - 1003 words - Ryan and Spencer and thinking some thoughts and violence via cat (so tempting, right?)

Finals are almost over, the holidays will end before too long, it looks like I'll actually be able to graduate come spring, I am feeling much more hopeful than that ficlet suggests. Just a week or two of doom, and then I can relax.

<3 you all, hope you are well.
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As per the meme [personal profile] just_ann_now posted, ten books in no particular order that have influenced me, off the top of my head:

1) Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh
One of those loves you're not really sure where it comes from, or how it's even possible to identify with it so hard--it's not about my country, not about my generation, not about my drug of choice, and except for a couple of startlingly gorgeous feminist sections, not about my gender, but there's something about it that got under my skin, and I haven't found a way out yet.

2) Brideshead Revisited, Evelyn Waugh
I watched the BBC miniseries when I was sick with mono and watching and reading every piece of media the little island library had to offer, and I was totally hooked, both on Brideshead's undeniable soap-operatic moments and on the long, sweeping voiceovers of sections straight from the text, which, I found out later, happened in a panic because something went wrong with the script they had at the last minute. It's a weird, beautiful, flawed book about weird, beautiful, flawed people, and I'm still sorry the movie version with Emma Thompson and Ben Whishaw wasn't better than it was.

3) Swordspoint, Ellen Kushner
What is there to say about Swordspoint? It's the fandom that drew me off of lurking around the Harry Potter fic on and onto LJ because I knew I was just so sure that there had to be people who loved this book as much as I did, and I needed to talk to those people as soon as was humanly possible. I also have a major weakness for the energy of authors' first novels (see Trainspotting) and this one has that in droves, there's this gorgeous, palpable urgency, and you can feel how in love with her characters Ellen Kushner is, and it's just wonderful.

4) The Heritage of Hastur, Marion Zimmer Bradley
The entire Darkover series pretty much was my life for a couple of years, there, everything else was almost secondary. This book in particular, though, I remember reading over and over again, buried up to the neck in blankets in that uninsulated place we lived in when I was in jr. high, doing the thing where there is no actual privacy, so mental escapism is your privacy, and I lived in that book one winter. I knew the places to flip through when I just needed to dive in and be emotionally invested right off the bat, and I wore the spine of that paperback through. My forever favorite.

5) Black Hearts in Battersea, Joan Aiken
This book and the series it was a part of were something my mom and my sister and I read together for years after it was socially acceptable to read together as a family. They're darkly funny, fast-paced, adventurous, and populated by some of my favorite fictional people ever, full stop.

6) The Soul of the Silver Dog
I don't even remember who it's by, it's been that many years, it's just this girl-and-her-dog book-fair paperback I picked up once when I was a kid, but there was a stretch there where I would reread it every year, it just got so lodged in my head. Plot-wise, it's about a girl who trains her blind dog to win agility competitions, but underneath that, it's all about being a family again after something terrible has happened, and how hard it can be to love someone who's really sick, and being there for the family you have rather than wishing for a different one, and I don't think I really registered at the time how much I needed a model of that in fiction.

7) The Complete Poems of Emily Bronte
Once, I traveled across the country and left this book behind on a three week trip, and I so much couldn't stand to be away from it that I had to go out and buy a second copy.

8) The Complete Poems of A.E. Housman
Just holding my copy of this one in my hands can make me calmer, sometimes. There are more than a handful of these poems that I have off by heart, and I run them through my mind sometimes when I need to take a breath. I have grown up with these poems, and the way I read them has grown up with me--after each step I take in my education, I keep coming back to them and seeing new things, then seeing old things I can't believe I've forgotten. I can see better where he slips into melodrama now, but I think I can feel why he does so better, too, now. There's something comforting in the rich absoluteness of the overblown, and Housman is great for that, but he cuts it with such fantastic humor, too.

9) Nobody’s Perfect, Anthony Lane
Maybe my geekiest choice here, but this one is a book of film criticism and profiles Anthony Lane published in The New Yorker between, I think, the '80s and the early 2000s. I have many problems with The New Yorker, starting with the majority of the things in their fiction section and ending with the smugness of the supposed political commentary, but Anthony Lane's movie reviews are always fabulous--even when I disagree with him (which is reasonably often, my tastes aren't as high brow as his) his commentary gives me new and interesting ways to think about what I've seen, and reading his work has helped me shape how I feel about criticism, about movie adaptations, and about journalism in general.

10) Lioness Rampant, Tamora Pierce
First book that ever made me cry, Alanna my hero forever and always.

*heading should count as an honorable mention, since Ros&Guil only just barely didn't make the cut, right?
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...was a thing that happened.

thanksgiving: a brief overview )

I also saw Catching Fire recently, and it was kind of amazing and gorgeous and heart-wrenching, ad I really don't love that it's going to be Mockingjay next, this movie, like the book, was such a great follow up to the first, and I fear the Mockigjay movie can't help but be a let-down the way the book was.

Roommate-cousin agrees with me that the worst thing the movie has done so far is not do Peeta justice, because I adore that boy as a character, but there were moments, especially at the beginning of the Catching Fire movie, where they flirted with making him the Nice-Guy-spurned, and while they didn't eventually go with it, there was still something a little disappointing to me about him, not sure why, exactly.

Jenna Malone is, as always, my queen, my favorite, totally equal to any character she's cast as, despite the fact that they're all dizzyingly different.

I love the way the movie have the chance for so much scope of political implications that a first-person narrative doesn't allow for, but one thing I'm not jazzed about is the way the POV shift seems like, in a few scenes, it's mitigating some of the impact of the horror that's going on, you know? description of a scene, cut for spoilers )

Anyway, I hope you all have been having a good everything--good holidays, good not-holidays, what have you. And if any of you are grinches like me, just one month till all the stress is over!
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I meant to make this post last night, but then my roommate decided to say something that kind of fucked with my head, and I freaked out a little, so nothing really happened after that. This was originally conceived as a happy-things post, though, so let's start there.

Ryan Ross has posted two more songs! They're here, and they're kind of gorgeous? I mean, I've always been intrigued by Ryan's lyrics, but it feels like he's found his voice musically now, too--you can still hear his influences, but they're combined in really interesting ways. Plus, these feel really heartfelt, and basically I'm super excited to see what else he's got in store for us. <3

I couldn't resist writing a little ficlet after hearing Lonely Moonlight, because, well, you've heard it right? then you must understand. It's here:a younger heart, because I totally wouldn't put it past Ryan Ross to write lyrics that are meant to be read as metaphorical, but are totally literally true.

I haven't signed up for any holiday exchanges this year, which I feel kind of awful about, because I've just been getting into the swing of those these past few years, but I was having so much trouble finding the time to sign up for them, I could only imagine trying to find the time to write the things would have been a nightmare. I'm doing my senior seminar this semester, since I'm (theoretically) graduating in the spring, and between that and the news-editing-the-college-paper thing, I'm doing a lot of writing all on my own, these days, and it's just the wrong year.

It's Halloween tomorrow, which means The Holiday Season is now upon us. It's inescapable. I hate the holidays, in the way where now and then the days themselves are quite nice, but there's such a pressure about making them nice, and seeing people, and having people to see, and getting things done, it all stresses me out. Halloween may even be the worst of all.

I'm being Mouse Cat tomorrow, like I said in my gushy-about-Noel-Fielding post a few weeks back, largely because I get to wear a really comfy hat and a little face paint and that is it. I've been told I seem like the type to get really into Halloween costumes, but while I do like to dress up all the time in day to day life, I don't like people or holidays telling me what to do.

I have been going back and forth over whether I want to offer more Ryan-Ross-related prompts, because I'm definitely in a Ryan-Ross-flavored mood lately, but I'm not sure the demand is there? In any case, I'll totally write more ficlets, the last batch was lots of fun.

Ryan Ross!

Oct. 20th, 2013 11:23 pm
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Ryan Ross has new music!

I am almost certain that anyone who follows me and also cares about this development already knows, but just in case here it is.

In honor of this, you guys should totally prompt me Ryan-Ross-involving prompts, which I will respond to with ficlets of indeterminate length.

:D :D :D
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I've been trying to write a post for about a week now--it clearly has not been working.

Some things have happened, both trivial and important. For instance, I am not doing great in school just now, can see myself not doing the things I need to be doing, and can't seem to make myself stop. I'm also watching an awful lot of Never Mind The Buzzcocks and also that massive fucking BBC giant-ass quiz show (that's the official name, right?) on youtube. These facts may or may not be related, I'll leave it up to the audience to read between the lines.

On the negative side, it's encouraging procrastination in a world (mine) already rife with it. On the positive, Noel Fielding is encouraging me not to feel shy about going a little bolder in my fashion choices.

I feel kind of like a regency-era country squire today. Well, except for the jeans. )

Is there any reason I should not be currently channeling my love and enthusiasm into Noel Fielding right now? Sometimes that happens, I find someone who I think is great, and I spend, like, a week watching every interview they have ever given on youtube, totally oblivious, until someone lets me in on something really awful and heinous they've done or said, and I regret thinking they were so great.

ETA: Apparently he's been pretty awful on twitter? Disappointing. :(

A not so cool incident with my mom happened the other night, and I'm still feeling a little shaken up about it, so it's been nice to have someone interesting and odd to watch videos of on the internet till all hours of the night. He reminds me a bit of Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal in interviews.

In conclusion, I'm thinking of being mouse-cat for Halloween. A nice, low stress costume that I can weird most people out by not explaining at all, and just being totally deadpan about the whole thing.

(I'm going to try to do a post with a bit more substance later on, but for right now, this is what I've got.)
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Hi guys! How have you been?

I have been wicked multi-fannish, myself, and also weirdly prolific, at least by my standards.

quick writing recap:

For one thing, it was no_tags, so I wrote Hot Tom and the maybe-date, which, yes, is a very silly name, but it is a fic about Empires in which Sean is a hipster baker, so I felt a little silliness was justified.

Then [personal profile] octette guessed which one was mine, so I offered to write her a ficlet and she wanted one about Ryan Ross, which, you know, is totally something I can do, so I wrote Let's begin at the beginning (we're lovers and we're losers), which is chock-full of a lot of things I've been thinking about but haven't known how to fit into an actual, story-shaped story.

I've also been writing ficlets for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., here, here and here about Fitz and Simmons, and there's something really satisfying about writing for a big fandom now and then, since they're easily the most popular thing I've ever written. I love my older fandoms and crack pairings as much as I ever did, but this has been fun, too. Here's hoping future episodes will have lots of those two characters being awesome.

[personal profile] octette mentioned, the other day, that it'd be cool to have a 'revisiting old fandoms' fic fest, and I've got to say, I'm really in the right mood for something like that. I've got three main WiPs in working on right now, and while one is bandom (a really fun idea, I'm pretty enamored), the other two are for Gilmore Girls and Harry Potter respectively.

I'm in major throwback mode, is the point. Also, if anyone wants to talk about either of those, I'm feeling pretty chatty.

I'm not sure if this productivity is going to keep up after this weekend ends--we've got an issue of my college paper (where I'm now the news editor, how the fuck did that happen?) next week, and after that I'm planning a trip down to see all my Boston people, but I hope so. I'm going to try, anyway.

How are you guys all doing? What are you up to? It occurs to me, looking back over that list, that I write a lot of gen fic. Idk what that says about me. Anyway, hoping things are good, xo
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I did my yuletide noms the other day!

my nominations: Newsroom, Swordspoint, The Place Beyond The Pines and the Casson Family )

More immediately, I'm also doing no_tags this week. My prompt is spectacular, y'all. And just to get back into the swing of bandom, I got all kinds of weirdly tempted the other day to read Keltie's book. Luckily, there were plenty of nice people on twitter to remind me that I don't actually want to do that. Here, have a picture of Ryan Ross instead:

anyone want to ask me weird and potentially intrusive questions? I have snatched a meme off of tumblr for just that purpose!

meme )
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Hi guys! My plan to be good at keeping up with my journal now that I have a DW is going sort of questionably, but alright, I think.

Everything's decent here--I gave notice at the car wash of doom, so now work is all about counting down the days, which is a nice change. This coming Sunday I'd going to go see Laura Jane Grace play, the first time I've seen her as the headliner, and something I've wanted since, like, high school, so I'm wicked bouncing-up-and-down-excited about that. roommate's cat is still evil hellspawn, but what can you do? He gave me one particularly nasty gash which wraps all the way around my forearm, and now my mom is all concerned about infections from his claws and shit.

Anyway, after my last day as a water waster extraordinaire in service of this country's EXTREME automobile fetishization, I'm headed west for a week and a half--see my dad, get to know the teeny tiny half-sib, get some quality time with little sis. It should be good, right? A girl can dream, anyway.

So I've been doing some things, internet! I wrote a KStew/Dakota Fanning ficlet for a fic fest here that I kind of want to clean up and expand, because apparently I have a lot more Kristen Stewart feels than I knew. I also made up a book rec list for tumblr--books featuring a queer protagonist whose storyline does not center around their queerness.

I also revamped my tumblr--now with my own face for an icon! It's very exciting. Or something.

This is a happy, positive post, so let's not talk about mess of my lack of medical records is making of my next year, due to the hold on my university account. Instead, let's do that meme I'm grabbing from [personal profile] eledhwenlin:

You post a topic, list, category, whatever, in comments. (examples: "Five Dates Roy Mustang Regretted Going On," or "Five Fannish Gatherings that Sally Draper Attended"). I'll answer with a list of five things.

fandoms: bandom, Frances Hodgson Burnett, Swordspoint, various and sundry RPF, The Newsroom, and I'd try Torchwood, Psmith, maybe X-men, Friday Night Lights, idk, whatever else.
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I may be butchering Elizabeth Bishop, there--I'm in that mood where it doesn't seem worth it to dig the book off the bookshelf (according to the magic of google, I'm right, but it feels like I don't deserve to be, after cheating instead of checking for real), that mood where I'm not even deleting the old emails from my inbox, even the spammy ones I'm never going to read, just letting them pile up.

(Oh, by the way, this should be my FIRST CROSSPOSTED ENTRY on my LJ and DW both! Let's hope it works!)

Everything at work broke today--I work at a car wash, and the car wash broke, so I think it would be accurate to just say that my work broke, and I was the only one there, and my boss is on vacation, no one answered their phones and cabs were angry at me--I may be cultivating a nemesis-ship with various of the cabbies who frequent my work. Also the fussy drivers of white cars.

My mom is still phoneless and unreachable, which is worrying enough to me that I keep being tempted to offer to help. I won't, because I did with the car thing last week, and I am making rules and drawing lines for myself, and I am saving money for a reason, it is not selfish decadence, I need to go back to school next year so I can FINISH and then BE DONE FOREVER, or at least until I break down and admit that there is a significant part of me that wants to go to grad school. It can wait.

Anyway, I'm staying in tonight, because I had tentative plans with some people from the paper, but the tentative plans turned into them deciding to go to the restaurant that I don't go to because in its former life it was the gas station where my mom got hurt, and it feels like bad luck, for me, going there.

Moral of the story: I intend to spend tonight hiding out in my room, away from my roommate's houseguest who DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF SILENCE, and barely seems to stop for breath, and is staying till Saturday, so I thought I might do an old comment!fic-ey meme? It's been a while, but I'm a little writer's block-ed, and it should be fun. I thought maybe this one:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you several sentences from that story.

fandoms are the usual stuff, I guess: bandom, Swordspoint, Secret Garden/Lost Prince/Little Princess (Frances Hodgson Burnett is totally becoming a fandom of her own, in my head), JoBros (because JONADS BABYYYYYY, right?), Shameless (US), The Newsroom (though I haven't seen the newest one yet), The Social Network, and I guess I could give Psmith a shot? And I'm pretty much willing to try anything else I've been vocally into.

Oh, and, um, I guess I need an icon for this (the DW) account, so, anyone know of anyone making good ones they're offering for other people to use? I wouldn't even know where to look, on this site, and I am notoriously horrible with graphics.
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I probably should have gotten an account here long ago, people have been telling me to for ages, but I guess it took one last time when LJ was down when I wanted it before I got over my dislike of creating accounts (which i think may be related to my dislike of filling out applications) and did it. So, here I am!

(I have not linked the two accounts, because LJ IS DOWN AGAIN, but this is psuedo_catalyst. I went with a new name instead of perpetuating the misspelling. If we have ever met off of the internet, I have probably told you why at great length)

I was all set to do a real update of an entry on LJ, but I've kind of lost the motivation, so this is sort of a placeholder/introduction. If we are friends elsewhere, please be friends with me here! Or even if we are not, I love new friends!

Oh, one thing I was going to say, in the real post I was going to write which may never exist--I have gotten really into Welcome To Night Vale lately! If you have, too, let me know! We should talk about it! If you have not, maybe you should. It is--really hard to describe. The best I've got is that it's like Seth Meyers-on-SNL and Stefon met in a version of Pawnee, Indiana populated entirely by the Addams family. Am I close?

Anyway, hello!


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