Apr. 23rd, 2014

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1) Chemical Reactions (New Girl, 2011)
2) welcome home (Agents of SHIELD, 2013)
3) furtive little feelings (Agents of SHIELD, 2013)
4) I fought the law (and the law won) (Agents of SHIELD, 2013)
5) The One Where Cobra Starship Have Really Bad Boundaries (Bandom/Cobras, 2011)
6) All The Friends You Need (Bandom/TAI..., 2011)
7) Go West, Young Man (The Newsroom, 2012)
8) When The Smoke Cleared (Bandom/panic, tyv, 2012)
9) See You in Another Life (Shameless (US), 2012)
10) Waiting for the Opportune Moment (Bandom/The Like, 2012)

Initial thoughts: well, yeah, those little Agents of SHIELD ficlets really blew up more than I was expecting. Big fandoms, man. The New Girl one was for yuletide when the show had first come out, so that makes sense. And yeah, it also makes sense that the rest is mostly bandom.

I am kind of surprised that those two little random, TV show character study ficlets snuck. They're both for shows I've been thinking about trying to write in for real, one of these days, so maybe that's a sign. Especially Shameless. The last season tore my heart out and stomped around on it repeatedly.

It's kind of a fun surprise to see that The Like fic creep in at the end, there--I'm still pretty fond of that one.

And okay, yeah, it's obvious that the last two years have been a pretty bad time for me and getting things written. Hopefully that'll start to change after I graduate.


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